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Tuesday, 20 September 2016

What God Big Idea? To extend the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth

  1. To extend the kingdom of Heaven on Earth. (It has nothing to do with regional)
  2. To colonize Earth with Heaven. Is not to take mankind to heaven. (Don’t confuse God by asking Money, same time you ask to go to Heaven. No money can be used or spend in heaven!). Religions will never survive in heaven especially Christianity, Christians are sopoverty oriented they will die in heaven.
  3. To fill the earth with the culture of Heaven. That why he created the Earth. Never a religion an entire culture.  Culture is something that is normal and natural. Being rich is not support to be a miracle, God is shock we are poor. Jesus never preach on prosperity because is unnecessarily. You only preach prosperity in culture poverty.One time people asked Jesus to show them miracles, his respond only a wicked and adultery generation want to see signs and miracles because miracle in kingdom is a natural norms, you don’t get them for entertainments.Isa 45:18  For thus saith the LORD that created the heavens; God himself that formed the earth and made it; he hath established it, he created it not in vain, he formed it to be inhabited: I am the LORD; and there is none else. click to continue reading... What God Big Idea? To extend the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth

Monday, 19 September 2016

PCO Driver Jobs! What is a Public Carriage Office (PCO) Licence?

A PCO licence is issued for operators, vehicles and drivers to demonstrate they have passed a compilation assessments. And therefore are adhering to the demanding rules and regulations required by law.   The 3 licence are issued independent. You as a Private hire driver or chauffeur would require a licence to work for or with … Continue reading PCO Driver Jobs! What is a Public Carriage Office (PCO) Licence?

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Thursday, 1 September 2016

Royal Travels Tour – A Royal Day Out

BUCKINGHAM PALACE Royal Travel and Tour: No trip to the capital is complete without a visit to the State Rooms, the Royal Mews and The Queen's Gallery at Buckingham Palace.   London isn't the only place to get your fill of British regal history. With the capital as your starting point, head further afield to … Continue reading Royal Travels Tour – A Royal Day Out

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Buckingham Palace History and Tour London – Heathrow Gatwick Cars – YouTube

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Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Where is Heathrow Airport - LHR Airport

Here is your one-stop journey helpful guide to schedule your trip from and to Heathrow Airport. Proudly located less than 16 miles western side out of London, UK, along with a standard drive time by vehicle of about 45 minutes, Heathrow stands out as a fifth busiest international airport across the globe. Below you will come across all the information you'll want to plan your journey to and from LHR airport.

London Heathrow Airport (LHR) serves as a major international airport in the southern end Hillingdon, Greater London, England, United Kingdom over a parcel of territory which is designated part of the Metropolitan Green Belt. The airport is encompassed by the build-ups regions of Harlington, Harmondsworth, Longford and Cranford towards the northern part and by Hatton and Hounslow around the eastern. To the southern lie Stanwell and Bedfont while to the west Heathrow is split up from Slough inside Berkshire by the M25 motorway. Heathrow airport is categorized completely under the Hounslow post town of the TW postcode area.

Since the airport is western side based in London and as its runways run east-west, an airliner's landing address is commonly specifically over the apple of Greater London whenever the wind turbine comes from the western side..

Heathrow lies 12 nautical miles (25 km; 16 mi) western with regards to Central London, and also has 2 simultaneous east-west runways accompanied by 5 operational terminals on a area that ranges 4.74 square miles (12.27 sq km), The airport current is operated and owned by Heathrow Airport Assets, which itself is managed by FGP TopCo Limited, a worldwide consortium that also includes Qatar Holding LLC (20.00%), Ferrovial Group (25.00%), Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec (12.62%), Government of Singapore Investment Corporation (11.20%), Alinda Capital Partners (11.18%) and Universities Superannuation Scheme (USS) (10.00%). London Heathrow Terminal 5 is the primary hub for British Airways and Heathrow Terminal 3 the main operating base for Virgin Atlantic.

Heathrow Airport is utilised by over 80 airlines flying to 84 countries to 185 destinations. It has five passenger terminals (numbered 1 to 5) which also includes cargo terminal (terminal 4). The busiest single destination in traveller figures is New York, with well over 3 million passengers flying between LHR airport and JFK Airport.

The United Kingdom authorities established the Airports Commission, Sir Howard Davies an impartial commission chaired to examine different methods for escalating capaCity at UK airports. The commission shortlisted two solutions for developing LHR airport that features third runway in Heathrow, in addition to a third alternative for expanding Gatwick Airport.

Not surprisingly, the nearby Heathrow Airport is the pride throughout London’s crown, coping with over 72 million travellers a full year. London Heathrow is the lingering thorn in the edge of eco-warriors across Countries in Europe, and plans to get a 3rd runway have been completely defeated at every turn, much towards the challenge of the BAA.

Along with Gatwick, Luton, Stansted, Southend and London City, Heathrow airport is one among the 6 airports with timetabled services serving the London area, nevertheless only Heathrow and London City are within Greater London.


the airport supplies a wide selection of facilities incorporating many for business, young people along with disabled travellers. It also features a huge choice for First class airport services.

Heathrow Airport has Anglican, Catholic, Free Church, Hindu, Jewish, Muslim and also Sikh chaplains. You will find a multi-faith prayer and counselling room in each terminal, and additionally St. George's Interdenominational Chapel inside an subway vault alongside the traditional control tower, where Christian services be held. The chaplains put together and contribute prayers at certain times inside the prayer room.

The airport possesses its own tenant media corps, which features six photographers and one TV crew, servicing all the major newspapers and television programs world-wide.

Most of Heathrow's internal roads are initial letter coded by area: N in the northern (e.g. Newall Road), E in the eastern side (e.g. Elmdon Road), S in the southern (e.g. Stratford Road), W in the western (e.g. Walrus Road), C in the centre (e.g. Camborne Road)

Central waiting area in Terminal 5

Heathrow Airport Meeting Points 

Heathrow Airport Meeting Points (Note Worthy where to meet your private hire, taxi driver or chauffeur. = Our driver will hold your name on a name-board or sign-board featuring your name at the following areas). 
Heathrow Terminal 1 = next to the arrival boundaries in front of the Costa Coffee.
Heathrow Terminal 2 = Airport Information Desk or arrival Hall. 
Heathrow Terminal 3 = By the CURRENCY EXCHANGE under the Heathrow Terminal Welcome Board. 
Heathrow Terminal 4 = At the arrivals gate in front of Costa coffee
Heathrow Terminal 5 = You will find 2 exits in Terminal 5, as soon as you arrive both of these, you will observe Café Costa, precisely in front of the Arrival gates.

How to get from Heathrow to London?

When you have to connect in between Heathrow and City of London, below are some proposed strategies to help make the journey by public and private transport?

Transportation at Heathrow Airport - Rail, Bus Coach and Taxi

Trains and buses to and from Heathrow airport is reliable and regular. There are several coaches, public busses, taxis and regular trains, including the Heathrow Express. On the other hand there are lots of parking at the airport firms, rental-car providers and airport hotels nearby.

It is possible to achieve big cost savings when you look for that method to travel you desire to use and even pre-book your tickets online. Transport firms will cut costs to those who preserve early, so it will be seriously worth sorting out all transportation both to and from LHR airport ahead of time also it saves a lot of inconvenience too!

Heathrow Gatwick Cars Airport shuttle service in England Address: 218 Portland Rd, Croydon, London SE25 4QB Phone: 020 8656 4509

Monday, 15 August 2016

Airport Taxi From Heathrow to London

Heathrow Airport Taxi to London Private Hire Service 

Up to 42% less expensive other Heathrow Airport taxi services "No London Taxi Meter" 

Travelling to holiday out of Heathrow Airport ought to be completely regarding cruising off to possess an enjoyable moment with friends and family. Regardless of whether you're transferring for business or pleasure, Heathrow Gatwick Cars will help ensure that your international airport trip stress free and cost outstanding. 

With over 233,000 passengers travelling through every day, Heathrow Airport is placed within the western of London. This is the very busy and established area nonetheless the we the providers may find the way around the city's gridlocked residence roadways and surrounding freeways. The actual M25, which actually encircles LHR airport, is actually one the most busy in england. In recent years 197,000 motor vehicles were documented on the exact expand in the vicinity of Heathrow Airport in precisely one day. 

Transferring to or from Heathrow to London? 

Pay a fixed fare for your journey no matter the route or time consumed

Getting yourself a taxi inside the chaos could be a real challenge so if you are first timer within London may the matter could be fourfold. For that reason, we provide you with Online Reservation Service which you can prebook Heathrow taxi for yourself and stay away from the pressure near the last moment. Allow Heathrow Gatwick Cars consume the overload and get you presently there with all the very least fascination when you contemplate that first drop in the pool or even revise towards the necessary organization appointment. 

It might establish cheaper and much easier regarding colleagues, family or even work co-workers travelling point to point by taxi as an alternative to acquire connecting busses and trains, by having your suitcases in hand. Or even in the event you're travelling in a full vehicle, a airport cab could work out less expensive the car park or perhaps some underground journeys. You will could easily get the train or coach into
the airport nevertheless wouldn't you choose to arrive by style, feeling recharged and ready for the upcoming stage of your journey? Should you prefer an especially minivan taxi cab for your luggage, just pick 6 or 7 as the quantity of passengers. 

Heathrow Airport Taxis service provides you the ability to transfers stress-free to and from among the list of most frantic large airports in the UK. Solutions available through Heathrow Airport Taxi are genuinely cheap and reliable and as per client's choices. We show Fare prices per vehicle Not per passenger and include, where relevant, the driver's waiting time at your destination. We pick up across the UK, we can arrange for you to be picked up from wherever you are, all we need is your postcode! Every one of the taxi offered are along with following attributes Arrival of taxi is constantly punctually without any sort of delay in it. 

With Heathrow Airport Taxis service we seek to offer high quality services to our clients so that they can get used to a new place in a hassle free process. Travellers can instantly book their UK airport transfer taxi from Heathriow to London with Heathrow Gatwick Cars  in just a few clicks. Online booking for Heathrow Airport Taxi is provided 24/7 and you could even preserve a taxi on your own even at the last moment. So as to Prebook A Cab for yourself you'll be able to our website and in case of any question, don't hesitate to ask. Preserve your journey now to employ a cab, not a queue, awaiting you! 

Some suggestions:  

  • Please choose the relevant Pick-Up and Drop-off Final destination e.g. Terminal. 
  • Please ensure you suggest the quantity travel luggage you possess.
  • It is important to select a pickup time that is around scheduled landing time.
  • Please include the international dialling code of your respective cell number.
  • Please include your Flight Number while booking, to ensure the Office Controller and Driver can monitor the flight in case it is delayed. 

Meet and Greet Service/ Meeting Point

Heathrow Gatwick cars provide you with meet and greet service on all airport terminal and cruise dock pick-ups. On your arrival, our drivers wait in the airport/seaport arrival hall holding you name board sign. No added fees with regard to flight delays! Since we keep track of the entire flights status early in advance, there are no further expenses for flight delays. Remove the emphasise of your flight.

Here at Heathrow Gatwick cars we can easily drive you to Heathrow and we'll also be available awaiting you within the ideal airport terminal with regards to your return. It could not be easier. Regardless of whether you're likely to Heathrow Airport to fly out on an enjoyable vacation or perhaps ought to fly out to have an instant organisation meeting we can satisfy your desires. Furthermore, following a calming vacation or even hard business appointment the very last thing you should do will be get up on public transport jostling for a seat, holding onto your luggage. Booking your airport transportation on-line would not be incredibly easier not having our secure on-line reservation in addition to payment system (please visit Home Page left).

But nevertheless, we're invariably available on the phone to be of assistance with questions or bookings on 020 8656 4509The Company operate 24-hours, 7 days a week. 

Chauffeur service Start and complete your journey in the tranquil comfort of a chauffeur-driven vehicle.
Heathrow chauffeur service

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