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Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Climate Activists Protest at Heathrow Closes M4

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Chaos As One Million Passengers Hit Rail and Underground Tube Strikes 2017 February

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Climate Activists Protest at Heathrow Closes M4

Climate activists protesting against Heathrow’s planned third runway caused lengthy delays on the M4 by blocking a tunnel leading to the airport. Campaigners for Rising Up used three cars to close the tunnel leading from the motorway to Heathrow Terminals 1, 2 and 3 at about 8.25am on Tuesday.

Three protesters chained themselves to one of the vehicles, which had a banner reading: “No new runways”. The drivers of two vehicles were arrested for obstructing a highway by about 9.30am, according to the Metropolitan police, and their vehicles had been removed. But the third car remained in place.

A contra-flow was in place to allow traffic to move through the blocked tunnel but police warned travellers delays were possible. Long tailbacks on the M4 eased but the road remained busy, the BBC Radio London traffic bulletin warned. A four-month public consultation into the decision to open a third runway at Heathrow is under way.

Rising Up, which staged a similar protest last November, says if the runway goes ahead it will allow an extra 250,000 flights a year, causing carbon dioxide emissions equivalent to the entire output of Kenya.

Simon Bramwell, one of the activists involved in Tuesday’s action, said in a statement released by Rising Up that he also participated in November’s protests. He said: “I am breaking conditions imposed on me by the courts, following road blockades in November, but the government is not listening to the science or to our concerns. They have left us with no alternative but to keep taking action. We will not stop until plans to build another runway are fully and finally shut down.”

A Rising Up spokesman told the Guardian: “History has shown that unless we can disrupt the status quo, the powers that be will say the right thing and kick doing the right thing down the road for as long as they can.” He added: “The inconvenience of some people missing their flights is absolutely nothing compared to the inconvenience of your country being flattened by a typhoon.” 

Peer 'kept taxi running while claiming £300 Lords allowance' 

 A peer kept a taxi waiting outside the House of Lords so he could dash inside to qualify for a £300 daily allowance, a former Speaker of the Lords has claimed.

Baroness D’Souza, who stepped down as Lord Speaker last year, told a BBC documentary that many peers “contribute absolutely nothing” and attend only to take advantage of the daily attendance allowance. Meet the Lords, a three-part BBC Two series, follows a number of peers over the course of a year, marking the first time programme-makers have been given free-rein to film inside the Lords chamber and behind the scenes at committee meetings.

Lady D’Souza would not name the peer in question, but said that a “sense of honour” that came with being a member of the House of Lords had been lost. She told programme-makers: "There is a core of peers who work incredibly hard, who do that work, and there are, sad to say, many, many, many peers who contribute absolutely nothing but who claim the full allowance. “I can remember one occasion when I was leaving the House quite late and there was a peer who shall be utterly nameless who jumped out of a taxi just outside the peers' entrance, left the engine running. He ran in, presumably to show that he'd attended, and then ran out again while the taxi was still running. “So I mean that's not normal, but it is something that does happen and I think that we have lost the sense of honour that used to pertain, and that is a great, great shame.” Some peers questioned in the programme suggested that more should be done to persuade elderly peers to retire.

Lord Tyler, a Liberal Democrat, said the Lords “is the best day care centre for the elderly in London”. He added: “Families can drop in him or her and make sure that the staff will look after them very well nice meals subsidised by the taxpayer, and they can have a snooze in the afternoon in the chamber or in the library." Others criticised the calibre of appointments made by recent prime ministers.

Lord Blunkett, the former home secretary, said: “You have got people who may well be, out of the patronage of the government of the day, rewarded for either keeping their mouth shut or opening their mouth or their purse at a particular moment in time." Lord Tebbit, the Conservative peer, said: "Far too many people have been put in here as a sort of personal reward.You wouldn't have imagined Mrs Thatcher wanting to give a peerage to Denis Thatcher's tailor or something like that.But we have come pretty close to that in recent years."

Chaos As One Million Passengers Hit Rail and Underground Tube Strikes 2017 February

Sections of the Central line, used by more than 800,000 passengers a day were closed with severe delays to the remainder of the route. There was no service at the Eastern end between Leytonstone and Epping via Woodford with delays throughout central London to West Ruislip. Waterloo & City line services – the direct one-stop link between the mainline station and Bank – used by 32,000 passengers a day were suspended. Southern Rail mainline services, carrying 300,000 plus passengers a day, suffered cancellations and delays because of a 24-hour walkout – the 29th strike – by train guards in the long running dispute over driver-only operation (DOO.) Read more Tube Strikes 2017

Monday, 13 February 2017

Getting from Gatwick to Heathrow by Car Private Transfer Taxi

A private hired car will be the most relaxing, fastest and quickest way transferring between Gatwick and Heathrow Airport. Without traffic congestion, the fastest transfer can be achieved in around 45 minutes. Read More How to get from Gatwick to Heathrow.

Geting from Gatwick Airport to Heathrow Airport by cars.

57 min (37.7 miles) via M25 Fastest route, despite congestion on M25 causing.

From Gatwick Airport Head east on Airport Way 495 ft

At the roundabout, take the 1st exit onto M23 heading to London/Brighton/Crawley/Dartford/Heathrow Airport/M25 0.8 mi

At the roundabout, take the 1st exit onto the M23 slip road to M25/London/Dartford/Heathrow Airport 0.3 mi Merge onto M23 6.8 mi Take the exit onto M25 towards M4/Watford/M1/Sutton/A217 28.2 mi

At junction 14, exit towards Heathrow Airport 1.4 mi Heathrow Airport, Longford, Hounslow TW6

Gatwick Taxis

Friday, 10 February 2017

Heathrow Terminal 5 to Kings Cross London

Heathrow Terminal 5 to Kings Cross: On-time Reputable Drive Hire Pick-Up: Heathrow Terminal 5 Airport (LHR), Hounslow TW6 2GA, UK – Drop Off: Kings Cross, London N1, UK Change Please ensure you book the correct vehicle for your Heathrow Terminal 5 to Kings Cross, London, United Kingdom journey. Vehicle capacity is indicated below: Passengers Suitcases … Continue reading Heathrow Terminal 5 to Kings Cross London

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Heathrow Terminal 2 to Kings Cross

Heathrow Terminal 2 to Kings Cross: Reliable Timely Drive Hire NOW! Pick-Up: Heathrow Terminal 2 Airport (LHR), Hounslow TW6 2GW, UK – Drop Off: Kings Cross, London N1, UK Change Please ensure you book the correct vehicle for your Heathrow Terminal 2 to Kings Cross, North London, United Kingdom journey. Vehicle capacity is indicated below: Passengers … Continue reading Heathrow Terminal 2 to Kings Cross

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Gatwick Horley Resident Call to Kick out Uber over Drivers

UBER DRIVERS ARE PROVING to be a nuisance in a Surrey town that allowed its drivers to park up in a local car park while waiting for jobs at Gatwick Airport. Now residents are calling for Uber to be kicked out of Horley after claims the US tech app's drivers have been "leering at" and "intimidating" local residents. 

Reigate and Banstead Borough Council agreed last year to lease Uber 50 spaces in the Horley high street car park and a portable toilet was set up following complaints that drivers were urinating in public. But the agreement might be terminated after residents continued to complain. More than 300 people have signed a petition to cancel the contract with Uber. Councillors said some Uber drivers had been sleeping in their cars, leaving their engines running and not using the toilets available. 

Councillor James Durrant, portfolio holder for enforcement, said: "Although there has been some self-policing by Uber drivers I understand that there are still a number of them who do not park in the designated spaces, leave their engines running or sleep in their vehicles. 

" He added: "This is against the terms of the contract. I am also concerned at reports of some residents being intimidated or chased out of the car park, this is a public facility and this council will not accept this type of behavior." 

An Uber spokesman said: "Anti-social behaviour is completely unacceptable and not what we expect from an Uber partner-driver. Any partner found to be acting antisocially risks permanently losing access to the Uber app."

 Renfrewshire refuses Uber's massive licence increase. COUNCIL CHIEFS IN Renfrewshire have refused to allow Uber to operate a fleet of 500 taxis in the Scottish county, and instead have approved only 100 licences for the tech company. 

Uber had made an ambitious bid to increase its current provision for cabs in Renfrewshire from 50 to 500. But councillors in Paisley were told the US-based tech giant only use a fraction of its current capacity, and only increased the provision to 100. 

A spokesman for the council's Regulatory Functions Board said: "Councillors considered carefully information submitted in advance and presentations on the day from both Uber and Renfrewshire Cab Company, which had objected to the proposed change. The members of the board didn't think that it was reasonable at this stage to grant such a significant potential increase in capacity given Uber hasn't reached its currently licensed capacity ot 50 vehicles. 

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

HeathrowGatwickCars.com | Mercedes V Class "VIANO MPV" Executive Transpo...

Mercedes V-Class chauffeur driven peoples carrier minibus hire; 

Well suited for both corporate as well as family incorporate. Mercedes V Class establishes the standard around themore than just a people carrier meant for no matter the event. The Mercedes Benz MPV chauffeur driven will offer your party the room and suppleness to operate, relax with entertain in outstanding comfort and security.

Widely used intended for executive business trips and airport transfers vehicles designed for larger squads, families visiting together with youngsters plus for exotic wedding day hire to transport the Bridesmaids. Including chauffuer hire for a Day, Week or Month "As Directed".

 The Mercedes benz Viano luxury will carry up to 7 travellers, it has custom-fit back seats for much more leg room, solitary passenger seats possess arm-rests along with custom-fit back-rests. The V-Class seats continues to be constructed to deliver optimum relaxation even upon the longest travels. All seats in the mercedes v class are comfortableness constructed and possess 3-point seat-belts. They switch frontward or back in 25 mm (1 inch) phases, to provide you with an added versatile sufficient amounts of leg room area precisely where required.

 Mercedes V Class is an excellent selection for business travel, financial road-shows and corporate chauffeur hire. Considering the elevation of adaptability. Commodious and comfy the benz MPV is an ideal alternative for small party transportation along with their items such as golf kits, snowboards and skis. With sufficient space or room for as long as 7 people and 7 pieces of baggage

The V-Class brings remarkable levels of elegance, safety plus performance executive people carrier MPV segment.

 Mercedes V-Class People Carrier Hire London with Driver from Executive Heathow Gatwick Cars 

Mercedes MPV 7 seater chauffeur hire driven airport transfers, can also be hire for a day or for luxury event. Driven by London’s finest professional professional chauffeur service. Our V-Class come in Silver and Black. All of them are perfectly furnished models utilizing many minor features that makes a positive change to a prestige chauffeur driven trip. The high specification of the premium car VClass signifies that it isn't any everyday people carrier. A massive shanty space puts in theeffortless combined with anxiety free.

Luxury Car Transfer London to Paris to London European Travel

Our private hire car service goes beyond United Kingdom; 

Providing Luxury chauffeur driven cars from London to Paris to London, UK and all Main Western world. We tend to deliver excellent specials on chauffeur driven cars to Paris and executive airport transfers to and from Europe. Every now and then when flights are disruptions or you are travelling with animal's pet dogs, ferrets and cats (including guide and hearing dogs) the best continent way of getting to or from Europe. You shouldn't stress and anxiety yourself with ground transportation from London to Paris (Europe), we possess various sizes of executive cars available in our fleet to suite your specifications.Read more about Mercedes Benz Viano V Class

Monday, 6 February 2017

HeathrowGatwickCars.com | VIP Mercedes SClass Chauffeur London

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Chauffeur Mercedes S Class Executive Car

S-Class Taxi Executive Car

As it ever was, the S-Class compartment can be your concise explanation of luxurious equipped with incredible styles along with fabric within. Relaxation is really excellent, combined with selections which includes reclining rear seats for your fantastic individual ride. The beautiful existence of the ultra-modern S-Class is engineered to provide sufficiency without weight. It’s robust yet lighter, increasing silence and safety. A bit more magnificent than in the past, even so smooth and sports. Regardless that it's clear lines slide through the wind, stylish features such as all-LED illumination along with lessened seams snatch every appreciating attention.

Hiring a Mercedes S-Class with Heathrow Gatwick Cars 

 Above all seat- back and relish the magnificent ride. A completely deluxe and stylish chauffeur driven car for comfortable journeys. The Mercedes S-Class is in a class of it’s own, it sets the standard in first-class chauffeur driven luxury and prestige and this latest incarnation exceeds all expectations.

The chauffeur driven Mercedes S Class is ideal for VIP executive hire in the region of london, uk, or perhaps incorporating a tasteful impression toward a special occasion. Our VIP executive luxury fleet offers either a high-end Mercedes Benz S Class or a BMW 7 series long wheeled taxichauffeur saloons. The long-wheel base designs will give you an extravagant, pleasant and trendy London airport transfer featuring adequate room to relax and settle back. All our prestige car hire tend to be lower than 3 years old plus maintained in the perfect condition. We pride chauffeur service london; with the top quality together with industry-standard executive fleet. Our professional chauffeur solutions sensitive guaranteeing efficiency and privacy constantly.

Chauffeur Driven Mercedes S Class Specification. 

The most suitable blend of sleek design, stylish and state of the art safety, makes this the chauffeur driven car of choice for top of the class executive chauffeur driven car hire. It offers a fine luxury finish with plenty of room to stretch out and relax for the journey ahead. With the Rear Seat Comfort Package, being driven by a chauffeur in Mercedes S-Class New Shape has even greater appeal. This is a brilliant luxury car built from the finest materials to exacting standards complete interior night mood lighting. For total luxury, the seats also feature a massage function with 4 different programme settings to help relax weary passengers. Individual multi-contour rear seats feature independently adjustable air chambers, enabling you to create a bespoke, personally contoured seat with optimum lumbar support.

Comfort head restraints on the outer seats are another key feature, with adjustable side bolsters for greater lateral support. Each with new suspension systems which iron out any road imperfections, or the comprehensive light technology, or the new 360° vision sensors capturing your surroundings like never before. This car is big on style and is one of the world’s truly great cars. For decades, the S-Class has predicted the safety standards of the future. The literally looks ahead, and 360 degrees around, to spot hazards in your journey path. A team systems can alert the chauffeur, assist in braking, and even respond autonomously to help avoid collisions with other vehicles and even pedestrians.

The executive vehicles are ideal for VIP's, professionals or those seeking additional comfort and luxury from their transport. You can expect to find your executive car well presented with complimentary soft drinks, snacks, mints, magazines and daily newspapers for your convenience. All our vehicles are licensed and fully maintained to ensure a reliable, safe and comfortable journey. Our chauffeurs are suitably attired and possess a sound knowledge of the Heathrow and London area.

Book a 5 Star professional Mercedes S Class for business meeting, financial roadshows, private airport chauffeur transfer to Farnborough, Biggin Hill, Luton or Stansted, London private tours for ultimate passenger experience from one of London’s Premier Chauffeur Company.

Luxury Airport Transfers London

The Mercedes S Class chauffeur car is a fantastic substitute for a London taxi. Private chauffeur taxi airport transfers begin in a fashionable first class travel at a remarkably affordable price. Speedy and reliable airport pick-up's and drop-off's which includes London Heathrow, Gatwick, London City, Stansted and Luton. We monitor your flight without charge and provide a Meet and Greet service. Your chauffeur shall be waiting for you at the arrival hall holding your name-board and companion you to your waiting vehicle. Assisting you with your suitcases to create your airport transfer as convenient and delightful as they can.

Premium Car Service Hire a Driver for A Day 

Hire your own private car hire with driver on an fixed hourly rate 'As Directed' based on half-day, full-day or hire a chauffeur for a week. Private London Sightseeing Tours Regardless if you are arriving at London for a vacation and wish for an entire day tour, or perhaps only a few hours to leisure on a lay over and need to squeeze shopping. Simply lay back and ease off and allow us to reveal to you the points of interest; all you need is your camera. 

Mercedes S Class Car Hire for Weddings 

 The Mercedes-Benz S Class creates a marvelous, fashionable wedding car. Stylish and roomy the S Class will assure a memorable and grand entrance for the bride. Giving the bride and groom plenty of legroom, and also allowing for large wedding dresses. The Mercedes-Benz S Class wedding car comes complete with complimentary wedding ribbons. Prestige chauffeur service car hire for prom also provided. Events & Hospitality Considering an occasion or planning a meeting? Our committed Events Staff take presctiption to provide you with useful information on organizing travel along with itineraries times. We are going to perform our very best to make sure an effortless, upon budget and straight forward solution towards your clientele coupled with colleagues.

Mercedes S-Class Saloon Features; 

Mercedes S Class Interior Complete a ride in the S-Class and the initial thing you will experience will be the peaceful atmosphere. Chauffeur driven passengers can delight in a haven of silence and relaxation. This sensation involving wellbeing and calmness will be deeper increased by your prompt environment. Heathrow Mercedes have designed a sumptuous, brilliantly equipped interior. To fine tune your S-Class experience, features may include reclining rear seats, reminiscent of flying first class, to the Air-Balance, which filtrates, ionizes and scents the air inside the cabin. Awareness to aspect will be exquisite throughout, while tasteful highlites which include ambient lighting improve the polished, superior ambiance.

The S-Class will be noiseless, commodious, along with equipped an abundance of technology which provides the passengers the smoothest ride imaginable. A feeling connected with peaceful isolation from the outer globe will be significant. All possess luxurious leather interior and executive changeable rear seating. The acoustic efficiency is of such a high standard which road roar and engine noises are nearly imperceptible. Read more

For Mercedese Benz E-Class Chauffeur Driven Executive Car
For Mercedese Benz V-Class Chauffeur Driven Executive Car

Mercedes EClass Executve Heathrow Airport Transfers Gatwick Taxi

Heathrow Gatwick Cars Mercedes Benz EClass Taxi - Airport Executive Cars

Having a world-class fleet of recent model Mercedes chauffeur vehicles and licensed qualified chauffeurs, Heathrow Gatwick Cars provides high touch, customised program taking into consideration the attentive passion involved with variable which England travellers anticipate seeing.

The E-Class is least of our executive car hire selection, commonly adored due to its versatility; delivers luxury, safety and elegance in to an individual very reasonable deal class taxi prices. The executive E-Class continues to be well-known; the new model just like S-Class Mercedes Limousine features most of the blueprint which have renedered Mercedes-Benz among the many premier vehicle brand names. Is mostly used by entrepreneur desiring an effective conveniently intelligent business chauffeur car hire for a meeting in London; that promises our prime top quality you may anticipate from Mercedes

Chauffeur Driven Mercedes E-Class continues to be enhanced with tremendously crisper collections for far more vibrant appearance. Expressively stunning facts are blended with the fashionable genes this class is recognized for, to establish a seriously head-turning outcome.

E-Class Mercedes-Benz: The best or nothing!

Another Top of the Range Luxury Car model from Mercedes-Benz, the E-Class has shown Over 60 year Epitome of Elegance. Making it your best option for Chauffeur driven service. Read More https://www.heathrowgatwickcars.com/mercedes-e-class-chauffeur/